Care Fees Advice Line is the trading name of Steene Law Ltd (SLP).

We support those with dementia, or sudden life changing illnesses and we work with their families and carers. We also assist families who need support when an individual is losing or has lost their mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

'Our clients are older and are vulnerable. We never forget that we must be sensitive to our clients’ needs and deliver advice in a straightforward way.'

Advice on Dementia

The number of people suffering from Dementia/Alzheimers in the UK is fast rising towards the 1 million mark. Many of these cases are not receiving the free care to which they are entitled. Our unique combined knowledge of law, social services and medicine means we have a high success rate in helping hardworking families get the care fee funding they rightfully deserve. Together, we can do the same for you.

Community Care is also a specialist area of law that helps our clients and their loved ones when they come into contact with Social Service or the National Health Service (NHS) in dealing with health or social care issues.

Very often, our clients are frustrated as they are trying to cope with a family member’s illness, as well as trying to deal with multiple government agencies. That’s our job, we know who to speak to, and what you are entitled to.

We help in guiding clients through very complex systems such as being inappropriately discharged from hospital, ensuring that nobody is sent home without the correct support package which has been paid for, if appropriate, by either the Local Authority or the NHS.

In a time where Local Authority’s resources are stretched, we also make sure Local Authorities carry out assessments, and correctly determine eligibility in a way that complies with the Care Act 2014 and the latest Care and Support Statutory Guidance (CSSG).

As a Community Care practice, we ensure our clients do not have to pay any more for their care than is required by the law. As the Care Fees cap has been abandoned, now more than ever is the time to make sure you are maximising your entitlements.

We would be helping people who do not want to sell their family home, helping to ensure that inheritances are not used up in paying for care fees where it is not necessary. We defend challenges by Local Authorities where there are allegations that there has been a deliberate deprivation of assets.


'Are you aware that in certain circumstances you might be entitled to have care fees paid for via a non means tested benefit called Continuing Health Care (CHC)?'


Most of all we care, call us and see if we can help you.

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What do our clients say?



‘A cost reduction of 90% – thank you!’

£36,000 per annum SAVED.



‘I had almost
given up hope’

£70,000 SAVED.



‘You told us exactly what we were entitled to!’