‘A cost reduction of 90% – thank you!’

£36,000 per annum SAVED.


I cannot thank you enough for the help, support and great work you have achieved for my family and me.

This is at the top end of what I expected.

Mr R. J.

Attempting to fathom the truth as to what my Mother was eligible for was the stuff of nightmares. The confusion was absolute and we were constantly told that she did not meet the criteria. How wrong this proved to be!

Thank goodness we ignored this misinformation and spoke to the experts!

Mr G.


‘I had almost
given up hope’

£70,000 SAVED.





‘You told us exactly what we were entitled to!’



We just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you yesterday and to thank you so much for your patience, understanding and compassion, it was greatly appreciated.

You explained everything very well, we weren’t left scratching our heads in bewilderment!

S., V. & S.

The service I received was excellent – fast, responsive, sympathetic and flexible to my changing needs.
The breadth of legal expertise available was particularly impressive and helpful in my case.

Mr K.

Thank you for your time and effort. It is the best consolidated advice I have had in the last four years.

Mr S.

The whole family are very grateful of the work you have done so far and look forward to working with you in the future and recommend your services to others in our circumstances.

Thank you so much David, you are the kindest of people and you give your advice with great kindness.

Mr C.

We couldn’t have anyone better fighting our corner David, we thank you for your honesty, patience and approachability.


Out of courtesy I just wanted to write and thank you for your help earlier this year. Although we did not employ your services our conversation helped me, after some time and effort, to convince Medway council that farm property should be excluded from the financial assessment for care costs.

Dad has declined rapidly and yesterday we received a call to say that he has been fast tracked for CHC and that funding has been approved and that his care costs are now being met by the NHS.

He is unfortunately in the last stages of his life, but we shall endeavour to make them comfortable for him here, at home. Once again thank you for the help – it lifted some of the financial burden at a difficult time.

Mr O.

Thanks so much for your help regarding Mum’s care. I am very grateful for your advice.


We were very pleased to meet you today, thank you for your sympathetic hearing and for your time, it is a pleasure to be working with you.

We fight for your rights!

We support those with dementia, or sudden life changing illnesses and we work with their families and carers. We also assist families who need support when an individual is losing or has lost their mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.